Thinking about software testing For as long as I have been aware of it, I have been skeptical of the value of software testing. It has always struck me as unnecessary busywork, mostly because that is how writing them for my classes feels (granted, that’s generally how writing code for any class feels in my experience). Either theContinue reading “Thinking about software testing”

Notes on “Notes on the Errors of TEX”

Having just read a short keynote address* by Donald Knuth from 1989 about the development of his typesetting system, TeX, I’m struck by how little the core methodology of computer programming has changed in the last thirty years. Students and new programmers can struggle with the difference in scale between real-world applications and textbook examples.Continue reading “Notes on “Notes on the Errors of TEX””

Exploring Microservices

[What are Microservices? | IBM] To prepare for my capstone, I decided to read up on microservices. This article is mainly just describing what they are, but it also mentions some common pitfalls towards the end. I was also interested in exploring criticisms of microservice architecture, but I want to keep the scope of thisContinue reading “Exploring Microservices”

Looking at the Interpreter Pattern

“Interpreter Pattern – Spring Framework Guru” The above article describes in detail how the Interpreter pattern from the gang of four book works. Before I continue, I should specify that the book, this post and the above article are focused on the Interpreter pattern primarily in terms of object oriented programming, which is not theContinue reading “Looking at the Interpreter Pattern”

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